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Dr. Tabb, is a Family and Marriage  Clinical Christian Therapist,  trained and experienced in assessment, goal setting, and clinical interventions that address life issues and relationship problems . In a confidential setting, therapeutic interventions are designed to increase practical skills, meaningful insight and positive growth.This involves collaborating with individuals, couples, and families to help them achieve spiritual, emotional,and relational health.With compassion, we are aware that life's problems can affect one's body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Therefore, we take a holistic approach in the caring for the needs of our clients.

It is a privilege to be a part of my clients’ lives and to accompany them as they honestly and courageously explore pain, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction and relational stress . It is a joy to watch them succeed.We integrate your faith into your therapy. Research has proven that a strong Christian faith helps many believers face the challenges of life. This is why we believe that incorporating Christian beliefs in our therapy sessions is beneficial to our Christian clients

Pastoral Counselors  are clergy persons who have received graduate training in both religion and behavioral science.  Pastoral Counseling is a therapeutic practice that integrates psychological and theological disciplines.  At Clinical Christian Counseling 
we exclusively use this non-secular, therapeutic counseling model in clinical pastoral counseling.

As a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, I incorporate the use of Scripture, prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit 
to help people remove the barriers to finding freedom in Christ. The client can find forgiveness for the past, strength and comfort
 for the present, and hope for the future by trusting the Lord to daily meet needs and heal emotional wounds. While I do not try to force religion on my clients, I do urge them to develop a Relationship with the only true Healer of body, soul,and spirit, Jesus Christ. 
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Clinical Pastoral Counselor

  As a certified Mediator I analyze, address and manage Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation effectively. These disputes rise from  business, education, counseling, law enforcement, social services, ministry, and a wide variety of other professions.
Temperament Therapist

Temperament is the God given part of each person that determines how they interact with their environment and how their environment interacts with them. Thus, Temperament counseling uses the clinical understanding of each individual’s unique temperament propensities to empower them to respond to life circumstances from an awareness of their own temperament design.
Proper understanding of your Temperament needs can serve to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as address depression, dissatisfaction, loneliness,  frustration, anger issues, marriage and family problems, poor work performance, exhaustion and interpersonal  conflict. Understanding your own temperament empowers you to respond to your surroundings in a way that maximizes your strengths, minimizes your weakness and enables you to meet felt needs; thus, reducing overall levels of problematic behaviors you are able to see results as early as the first session due to the unique nature of the temperament therapy approach/
Credentials/Associations :

​Dr. Kathleen Cosby-Tabb-- DCC, LCC LCPC
Clinical Christian Therapist
NCCA Board Certified License# PA.15853

Licensed Temperament Therapist
Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor

Certified in Mediation @Center for Resolution
Certified Chaplain @Cooper Hospital
Certified in Pre-Marital -Marital Counseling / Prepare/Enrich

Professional Clinical Member - National Christian Counselor's Association (NCCA)
​Professional Clinical Member- American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)

  Family and Marriage Clinical Christian Therapist
​Dr. Kathleen Cosby-Tabb DCC, LCC, LCPC